Peter Welch: Inding Sindaw Peter Welch: Artists Without Walls Peter Welch: Daphne Rubin-Vega Peter Welch: Kim Vogels Peter Welch: Yant Peter Welch: Kitty Lunn Peter Welch, The Love Show Peter Welch, Taylor Mead Peter Welch: Cobu Peter Welch, Epstien & Hassan Peter Welch: Austin Pendelton Peter Welch: Two Of A Kind Peter Welch, Benedictus Peter Welch: George Bartenieff Peter Welch: Steve Buscemi Peter Welch: Jacob Storms Peter Welch, Doubletake Peter Welch, Rappers Peter Welch, Joe Franklin Peter Welch, Judith Malina Peter Welch: Nicholas Nicklby Peter Welch, Homeyer, Marlowe, Caesar Welch, Unknown Dancers Peter Welch, Phantom Luck Peter Welch, Unkown Performance Piece Peter Welch, Anne Pasquale Peter Welch, Mike Lesser Peter Welch, Tammy Grimes Peter Welch, Don't Tell Mother Peter Welch Double Take Dancers Peter Welch, Reverend Billy Choir Peter Welch, Andre Brown Peter Welch, Reno Peter Welch: The Experimentals Peter Welch, Marlow's Caeser Peter Welch, INMA HEREDIA Peter Welch, Don't Tell Mother
Kinding Sindaw Erin Layton in "Magdalen" Daphne Rubin-Vega Kim Vogels Yangtze Repertory Theater Kitty Lunn SceneFfrom The Love Show's "Romeo & Juliet" Taylor Mead Cobu Epstein & Hassan A Scene From a Staged Reading of "First Look" A Scene From the Play "Three of A Kind With Two Wild Cards" Scene From The Play "Benedictus" George Bartenieff in the Play"Extreme Weather" Steve Buscemi Talk Back For Accidental Repertory Theater A Scene From The Musical "Samantha and the Glass Ceiling" Doubletake Dancers Unknown Rappers Joe Franklin Judith Malina A Scene From "Nicholas Nickleby" A Scene From the Play "Christopher Marlowe's Julius Caesar" Unknown Dancers Scene From the Play "Phantom Luck"l Unknown Performance Piece Scene From the Play "Bob" A Scene From the Play "The Last Medal of Black Patti" Tammy Grimes A Scene From the Play "Don't Tell Mother" Unknown Dance Company The Reverend Billy Choir Andre Brown Reno A Scene From the Play "The Experimentals" A Scene From the Play "Christopher Marlowe's Julius Caesar" Inma Heredia A Scene From the Play "Don't Tell Mother"